Music Cake

Cake inspired by music, do you know a music fan who’d love to have this cake for their birthday ? if so we cake design and bake one to your requirements.

Star Wars Cake

Star Wars Birthday Cake, this millennium falcon was designed and baked by hand by us for this boys special birthday.

Furblings Cake

Handmade Furblings cake, designed and bake for Jamine’s 8th birthday.

We can add any Furbling you wish, plus any cake mixture i.e. jam  sponge or chocolate.
Because we make everything ourselves the cake will be specific to your requirements.

Furblings Cake

Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Birthday Cake, designed baked and all handmade for someone’s 10th birthday.

Harry Potter Cake

Emoji Cake

Personalised Emoji cake. Pick your favorite Emoji, tell us who its for and we will design and bake it to the size you require. Freshly baked ready for collection or local delivery.

Pokémon Cake

From the ever so popular Pokemon Game, this Pikachu cake was designed and hand bake for somebody’s birthday.

Why not have one for Pokémon day!