Portion Calculator

The table below gives a rough guide to the number of portions you can cut from square or round cakes of various sizes.

Please bear in mind some of the cakes we bake may not be square or indeed round and so this portion calculator is just a rough guide, oval and hexagon cakes usually give around the same kind of portions as a equally sized round cake.

Sponge cakes portions are usually around 2″ x 1″ whilst fruit cakes because of their richness are traditionally cut into smaller pieces measuring around 1″ x 1″.  This means a sponge cake generally serves allot less people from that of a equal sized fruit cake.

Also a square cake is much easier to cut than most other shapes and so the whole process of cutting slices becomes much easier i.e. portion sizing, and working out how many slices you want to cut.


Cake Size in Inches Round Sponge Cake Square Sponge Cake Round Fruit Cake Square Fruit Cake
6″ 14 18 25 32
7″ 20 24 35 45
8″ 25 32 47 60
9″ 33 40 62 77
10″ 39 50 72 95
11″ 49 60 90 112
12″ 56 72 107 135